Mobile World Congress Americas

The second MWC Americas will take place in Los Angeles on the 12th to 14th of September at the LA Convention Centre. We will be in LA for the next three years, at least and we are all really looking forward to working with the local community and making this a celebration of innovation in such a vibrant and diverse city. Read More


当下亚洲人口已超过44亿,平均年龄仅有30岁。随着中产阶级人口快速增长,对依赖移动技术的亚洲人群而言,其经济发展潜力巨大!生活节奏日益加快,在现代社会中,物理世界与数字世界的界限正在逐渐模糊。 Read More


领袖舞台是MWC上海推出的一项新计划。虽然金卡会议证或VIP会议证持有者可参与大部分GSMA会议(意外惊喜),但领袖舞台作为会议的特殊部分,每一位持展览通行证的人员都可参与聆听。 Read More


继2017 MWC成功推出后,GSMA聚焦性别多样性的Women4Tech项目再次重返巴塞罗那舞台。对W4T而言,这是丰富多彩的一周,为期四天的展会中,共举办了11场活动,其中包括Hack_D_Gap挑战、GLOMO大奖、快速指导与交流、世界移动在线专题、主舞台主题演讲及整日峰会等。 Read More

MWC Conference Delegate Trends

It’s an often repeated claim that the mobile industry and the wider digital ecosystem have undergone profound changes over the past decade, so we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at how these changes have impacted the content we develop and the overall makeup of the audiences our flagship event attracts. Read More

Leaders Stage @ MWC Shanghai: Free Samples?

The Leaders Stage is a new initiative we’ve put in place for MWC Shanghai. While most of the GSMA’s conference accessed (surprise surprise) by a gold or VIP conference pass, the Leaders Stage is a unique part of the conference which is accessible to anyone with an exhibition pass.

You’ll find the Leaders Stage along with the rest of the conference, in Hall N5. It offers the same high level of content and speaker as the rest of the conference, and the content is designed to be relevant to (more or less) anybody. Read More

5G Summit @ MWC Shanghai

We’ve all heard the hype about 5G, which sounds very impressive and there’s no doubt that it’s moved from pure theory to trials and (some) standards with astonishing speed; especially given the complexity of the proposition. We’ve already seen some very cool services demonstrated in Korea at the winter Olympics. For much of the world, though, the simple question is ‘So what?’ Read More

Think, AI Summit @ MWC Shanghai

In 2017 AI pushed total venture capital investments in China to US $40 bn! That’s up 15% increase from 2016.

And now for 2018, MWC Shanghai is hosting the first Think, AI Summit – a dedicated programme to navigate the smart revolution taking every industry by storm. Led by a cross-section of companies and programmes working at the cutting-edge of AI. Read More

Tomorrow’s Operator Summit @ MWC Shanghai

This is the situation; Asia homes more than 4.4 billion people, the average age being just 30 years old. With a fast growing middle class, the economic potential for this mobile-first population is huge! The speed of life has fastened and borders between physical and digital have blurred in society.

So, what role does the Network Operator play in this fast-evolving landscape? Read More

Women4Tech Summit @ MWC Shanghai

Following a successful launch at MWC 2017, Women4Tech – the GSMA’s targeted gender diversity programme, was back with a bang in Barcelona. It was an action-packed week for W4T – with a total of 11 activities across the 4 days, including a Hack_D_Gap challenge, GLOMO Awards, Speed Coaching & Networking, Mobile World Live Panel, Main Stage Keynote, and day-long Summit. Read More