IoT at MWC Los Angeles

State of the Industry

Though “IoT” has been a buzzword for many years, the Internet of Things ecosystem is now creating practical value for businesses. Billions of connected and intelligent devices are in use today and they have been integrated into every part of our lives. Some data collecting devices, like wearables, are a personal choice, while others, like connected cameras on city streets, are often unnoticed while they collect public data. IoT has already lived up to the promise that it will improve industries and lives, but with so much data collected, there can be risks. This theme will examine successful IoT use cases and deployments, while identifying where the opportunities and risk still exist with IoT.

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MWC Los Angeles Theme: Disruptive Innovation & A.I.

Trends in A.I. and Machine Learning

This year, we examine two sides to disruptive innovation, the first being Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When it comes to A.I. development, the North American market is home to cutting-edge expertise, a wealth of mature research and available capital, placing it firmly as a leader in the field.

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Mobile 360 Latin America Wrap up

This week Mobile 360 – Latin America returned to Mexico City for the first time since the inaugural event in 2016. The three-day event brought in over 1,500 attendees to discuss a variety of topics that fall under the overarching theme of “Intelligently Connecting to a Better Future.”

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The Leaders’ Stage: 8 Leaders in Digital Business @ MWC Shanghai

Today thousands of organisations pioneer the way forward for digital – and we have chosen just eight. Eight people who are redefining, in their own way, what ‘Digital Business’ actually means. Eight people who created online brands that became muses whilst their competition became memes.

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Think AI Summit @ MWC Shanghai

AI is the DNA of any company looking to succeed in the digital age. And Asia is the World’s AI Power House. 

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Leaders’ Stage: Humanitarian Innovation @ MWC Shanghai

Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world and here the effects of climate change are not an imminent threat, but today’s real problem. But there is hope, where humans have created problems, we also have the solutions to pre-empt, combat and deter humanitarian disasters.

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Data, Trust & Security Summit @ MWC Shanghai

We live in a world that homes over 8 billion connected devices. In the shift to our reliance on digital-physical systems, hosting a robust network that secures these connections and protects the tsunami of data constantly moving through it is business critical.

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Mobile 360 Security for 5G: Security for 5G Predictions 2020

By Mark Little, GSMA Intelligence

Going into this year’s M360 ‘Security for 5G’ event we have selected eight 5G security predictions for 2020. On Tuesday 28th May 2019 17.30-18.00 in The Hague, our distinguished Predictions panel will discuss 5G security and add their own predictions to the list.

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MWC Los Angeles Theme: Immersive Content

Content Trends: Disruption & Next Generation Immersive Experiences

Content is moving into a realm of immersive experiences. Traditional models of production and distribution have been disrupted beyond recognition. We have known for some time that levels of content consumption are at an all-time high, with mobile surpassing all other methods of content consumption globally and video still tops this, making up 80% of all internet traffic, according to Cisco. This insatiability has driven telcos to invest heavily in their own content offerings and aggressively pursue new opportunities to be content providers themselves.

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