Women4Tech takes centre stage at MWC19

The 2019 edition of MWC is almost upon us and is shaping up to be an impressive event, as 110,000 attendees prepare to gather in Barcelona to discover the latest industry developments, do business, network – and possibly attend some of the famous parties. Read More

MWC19 Theme Report: AI

AI: Key Definitions, Assertions and Market Trends

PwC estimates that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030. With a multiplicity of definitions, applications and rapidly evolving capabilities, AI is a subject that polarizes popular opinion. Key protagonists in this domain remain divided in their opinions on whether AI will ultimately benefit society or destroy it.
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MWC19 Shanghai Call for Speakers – 3 Common Questions Answered

If you are new to the GSMA’s events, you may well have some questions about the MWC Shanghai Call for Speakers process. In this post, Alex talks you through some of the most common. Read More

MWC19 Theme Report: Disruptive Innovation


Disruptive innovation, a term coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which: Read More

MWC19 Theme Report: Digital Wellness


Technology holds an immense power to transform and enhance people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Whether that be through AI and analytics increasing medical efficiency, facilitating remote surgery over superfast networks, providing access to information for those in remote and underserved areas, engineering advanced synthetic organs, or transporting patients to virtual worlds for therapy and rehabilitation. Read More

MWC19 Theme Report: Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of industrial markets, with smart manufacturing currently at the forefront. While originally referring just too manufacturing industries, today Industry 4.0 as a term is used to represent the so-called fourth industrial revolution in: Read More

MWC19 Barcelona Agenda

Here’s your cheat sheet for all you need to know about the MWC19 Barcelona Conference Programme. Read More

A New Age of the Ministerial Programme

2018 has been a big year for the industry having surpassed 5 billion unique mobile subscribers – the equivalent of two thirds of the world’s population – and the latest figures by GSMAi, show we’re now on course to reach nearly 6 billion by 2025. Staggering numbers that without the right policy and regulatory environment could not be possible. Read More

#GLOMOAwards Alexandra Rehak: What do judges want to see

Alexandra Rehak, Ovum, provides tips on what the #GLOMOAwards judges do and don’t want to see in your application.

#GLOMOAwards Ian Fogg: What do judges value in an entry

Ian Fogg, OpenSignal, shares his insight into what the #GLOMOAwards judges are looking for in applications.