MWC Topic: AI

With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world. At MWC Barcelona, we will explore the real potential of AI, how we must manage such a profound technological revolution and its impact on our professional and personal lives.

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MWC Topic: Industry X

Defining Industry X

We are living in an age where the lines separating technologies are increasingly blurred and less distinct, as such it becomes increasingly difficult to define applications as one particular type of technology in isolation. Industry X perfectly highlights the convergence of many different technologies with potentially huge and widespread impacts on society, from the way we work, to how we produce and consume a range of goods and services.

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The 2020 Global Mobile Awards are now Open!

It has never been a more exciting time for the connectivity industry than right now; traditional players are completely re-evaluating the very DNA of their companies, start-ups are redefining the possible, providers are innovating at an unprecedented rate, the media are excited and the industry is ready.

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What Makes a Good MWC Submission?

Hear from a few members of the Content Team to find out what they think makes a good MWC Submission.

MWC Barcelona 2020: The Big Topics

The Call for Speakers has already opened for MWC20, taking place once again in beautiful Barcelona between the 24th and 27th February 2020. The Content Team has been busy researching the industry, by speaking to organisations and individuals of all types to get a broad cross section of opinions, all with the aim of identifying the most cutting-edge and impactful topics in the connected technology industry.

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MWC Los Angeles Conference Program; why pay us a visit?

With just under three months to go until MWC20 Los Angeles kicks off (Los Angeles Convention Center, October 22nd-24th), now is the time to start planning your journey to make the most of the action-packed event.

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IoT at MWC Los Angeles

State of the Industry

Though “IoT” has been a buzzword for many years, the Internet of Things ecosystem is now creating practical value for businesses. Billions of connected and intelligent devices are in use today and they have been integrated into every part of our lives. Some data collecting devices, like wearables, are a personal choice, while others, like connected cameras on city streets, are often unnoticed while they collect public data. IoT has already lived up to the promise that it will improve industries and lives, but with so much data collected, there can be risks. This theme will examine successful IoT use cases and deployments, while identifying where the opportunities and risk still exist with IoT.

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MWC Los Angeles Theme: Disruptive Innovation & A.I.

Trends in A.I. and Machine Learning

This year, we examine two sides to disruptive innovation, the first being Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When it comes to A.I. development, the North American market is home to cutting-edge expertise, a wealth of mature research and available capital, placing it firmly as a leader in the field.

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