Hear from Red Hat’s DeLisa Alexander for an insight into what she will be discussing during the Innovate to Grow: How to Embed an Innovation Culture session at MWC20.

Behind the Scenes – A few pointers for a successful speaking experience

In 2019, the GSMA Content Team managed over 2000 speakers, close to 500 hours of content across 3 MWC editions, 7 Mobile 360 Series and 3 4YFN events. As we gear up for 2020, we would like to take some time to offer our insights into making your speaking experience as smooth and successful as possible.

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MWC Topic: Connectivity – The 5G Era


2019 has seen the first commercial 5G deployments, with much fanfare. South Korea claims to have more than 2million 5G subscribers on its networks. Aggressive rollouts in the USA, China and Japan have been much discussed in the press, while Turkcell recently claimed the fastest speeds over a commercial 5G network. European operators from Ireland to Finland have been making services available for enterprise use. We are, without a doubt, at the dawn of the 5G era.

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Speaker Selfie – Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat

In this video, Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO of Red Hat talks about the key topics he will be discussing during Keynote 5: The Industry X Value Chain at MWC Barcelona 2020.

MWC Topic: Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment industry is in a state of disruption. But it is being disrupted by the people and for the people. Consumer behaviors and consumer demands have changed, the entire industry is just trying to keep up. And make money, if possible.

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Limitless: MWC Shanghai 2020

MWC Shanghai next year is experiencing a host of changes, large and small, which will add up a much better experience for visitors of all kinds from around the world. This blog post will outline the latest planning for event and help you to identify opportunities to amaze and be amazed at our APAC flagship event.

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MWC Topic: Security and Privacy

In PwC’s 21st Global CEO Survey, 87% of global CEOs say they are investing in cybersecurity to build trust and confidence with customers. Every organisation and technical expert views security and privacy as of paramount importance. Key protagonists in this domain are ultimately worried by the growing threats of cyberattack.

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MWC Topic: AI

With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world. At MWC Barcelona, we will explore the real potential of AI, how we must manage such a profound technological revolution and its impact on our professional and personal lives.

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MWC Topic: Industry X

Defining Industry X

We are living in an age where the lines separating technologies are increasingly blurred and less distinct, as such it becomes increasingly difficult to define applications as one particular type of technology in isolation. Industry X perfectly highlights the convergence of many different technologies with potentially huge and widespread impacts on society, from the way we work, to how we produce and consume a range of goods and services.

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The 2020 Global Mobile Awards are now Open!

It has never been a more exciting time for the connectivity industry than right now; traditional players are completely re-evaluating the very DNA of their companies, start-ups are redefining the possible, providers are innovating at an unprecedented rate, the media are excited and the industry is ready.

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