#MWCA18 Future Digital Health Summit

From wearable devices to digital records, digital health is disrupting traditional models of healthcare. Newer technologies, including AI, VR and 3-D printing, have the potential to improve the quality and timeliness of care, increase access and reduce the overall cost of healthcare in the US and around the world. Read More

MWC Americas 2018 Keynote Summary

With just two weeks to go the MWC Americas keynote line up has been finalised, and the respective speaker teams are hard at work perfecting their presentations and key messages. Read More

#MWCA18 Conference Agenda

A downloadable version of the MWC Americas Conference Agenda can be found here. As always please check the online agenda for the most up-to-date speaker listing and session information.


#MWCA18 Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence was first defined in the 1950s, it has become one of the most important and impactful technologies of today. Read More

Key Takeaways from M360 Africa

As the dust settles on another Mobile 360 Africa – and our first in Rwanda – we leave with a real sense of optimism. Here are some of our key takeaways. Read More

Announcing the MWC19 Conference Themes

MWC19 in Barcelona is a mere seven months away, and preparation is well underway. The website is about to launch along with this year’s brand, and the first two steps in our plans for Conference have been taken. The call for speakers went live earlier this month, and now we are announcing the key themes for MWC19. Read More

#MWCA18 The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and it is the most complex, inclusive and automated revolution our society has seen. We have reached a point where physical technology (ex. devices, sensors and ubiquitous connectivity) and digital technologies (ex. artificial intelligence, blockchain, and analytics) have converged to create a truly smart and connected world. But are we ready for it? Read More

#MWCA18 Media & Entertainment Conference: Live

This is a time of huge disruption, as well as opportunity, for the world of live events and sports. The sheer volume of free and low-cost streaming services has led to intense competition and a fragmented viewing market. Innovations in ticketing and streaming compete for fan attention, alongside a shift in advertising towards digital and social channels. Read More

#MWCA18 Media & Entertainment Conference: Partnership, Distribution and Monetization

The media and entertainment (M&E) market is one of the most varied, vibrant and fast-growing sectors in the Americas region. In the US alone, the M&A industry is valued at $703 billion, and expected to hit $804 billion by 2021. (PWC) Read More