2016 Research Briefings

The research briefings run throughout the year and are an opportunity to introduce your company to the Content Team. These 1 hour meetings allow us to connect with more companies than before in order to help influence our research process. It is a chance for us to see what various companies are doing and where they see the industry going. It is important to note that these meetings will be purely research based and not an opportunity to discuss or review MWC speaker submissions.

Key Points
• Now running all year.
• Opportunity for companies to meet the GSMA Content Team.
• One hour meetings.
• Opportunity to discuss your top 3 – 4 priorities for the year ahead.
• What could you talk about at our events?
• An opportunity for you to get an insight into our thought process for the events.
• Not an opportunity to review submissions for MWC.
• All discussions will be treated as confidential.

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