The 2017 Africa Predictions

Last week, over 800 senior digital leaders across the African continent joined us in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for Mobile 360 Africa 2017. In a bid to consolidate over 50 individual sessions on navigating Africa’s digital landscape, we gathered our panel of experts to discuss the outcomes of the event and deduce what they think the future might hold!

We were delighted to welcome a senior panel of experts to host the discussion:

Our panel concluded with the following 11 predictions that they believed we would see come true in the next 12 months in the continent:

1. Data will continue to grow rapidly boosted by smartphone adoption and social media offerings

2. More collaboration and multi stakeholders initiatives to support mobile economic and social contribution to development

3. High speed mobile data (LTE) will drive Internet access and adoption in Africa

4. Mobile on-demand applications (P2P, B2C and G2C) will provide the answer to the elusive local content gap in Africa

5. Continued impact on margins from market saturation and continued disruption from OTT providers

6. Cloud will continue to be on the rise to enable cost containment and the move from Capex to Opex

7. Network revolution to amplify further to enable no-latency digital life & IoT scenarios

8. New financial regulations will come into effect by 2018

9. Competition will be more intense & the challenges or opportunities will be with Non Telco players

10. Telco consolidations to intensify again to achieve better economies of scale

11. Reverse of liberalization in Africa as broadband penetration and adoption becomes more politically sensitive and relevant

Stay tuned in 2018 when we review what came true…