The 2017 Privacy & Security Predictions!

Last week, over 250 senior leaders in the digital privacy and security sphere joined us, in The Hague, at the Mobile 360 Privacy & Security event. With the security landscape evolving at a fast pace, we gathered our panel of experts to discuss the outcomes of the event and deduce what they think the future might hold!

Our panel concluded with the following 10 predictions that they believed we would see come true in the next 12 months:

Prediction One – Mobile network hacks will be more common in fraud and security breaches.
We will see more like the Telefonica Germany SMS bank interception in the coming year

Prediction Two – We will start to see SMS spam from IoT and not just DDOS attacks as we see an increase of IoT devices on mobile networks with poor security and signalling stacks

Prediction Three – More cyber-attacks against consumer devices will impede the growth of the smart home industry

Prediction Four – Distributed machine learning used in IoT will become a new attack surface

Prediction Five – The line between digital and physical real-world attacks against consumers will be breached. There will be calls for Government regulation

Prediction Six – The ePrivacy Regulation will not come into force on 25th May 2018, leaving significant discrepancies between the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR

Prediction Seven – Trickle down of state-created vulnerabilities to be used by cyber-criminals

Prediction Eight – Discussions about values of security and privacy as they relate to democracy will become more prominent with every national election

Prediction Nine – We will see the emergence of a broader discussion and normative framework for Ethics of digital society

Prediction Ten – We will see a cyber-attack that will result in the death or serious injury or many people within 12 months

Stay tuned in 2018 when we review what came true…