The 2018 GLOMO Awards are here!

We are excited to introduce The GSMA 2018 GLOMO Awards – the Oscars of the mobile industry!

This year, we will be awarding 38 awards under 8 categories. From mobile innovation for automotive, health, retail, travel, education and smart cities to technology breakthroughs for smartphones, wearables, network infrastructure, systems and IoT evolution, there is a category for every player in the digital eco-system to enter.

The Deadline for entries is Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
The Shortlist will be published in late January 2018. Winners will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 26th February – 1st March 2018

Have a look through our brand new themes that also include a number of new and exciting awards.

1. Mobile Tech

Mobile technology affects the everyday lives of more than 5 billion people worldwide, transforming industries and contributing to the global economy. Networks and technology are at the epicentre of mobile innovation, and this category seeks to award the companies that are revolutionising the capabilities and reach of mobile and digital technology.
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Mobile Network Infrastructure
b. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough
c. Best Network Software Breakthrough
d. Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution
e. Outstanding Mobile Technology Award (The CTO’s choice)

2. Consumer

Every sector is facing a technological revolution as consumers migrate to the connected digital age. This category honours companies who have redefined the business-to-consumer relationship, from a transaction to an interactive and personalised dialogue.
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers
b. Best Mobile service for the Connected Life
c. Best Use of Mobile Marketing
d. Most Innovative Mobile App
e. Best Overall Mobile Consumer Innovation (The Judge’s Choice)

3. Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the fusion of technology between physical and digital continues to reshape how the world works, as we look to manage our burgeoning population and finite resources. There are key companies who are pioneering in creating services that are at the forefront of a digital shift. In this category, we seek to distinguish the organisations to watch across 7 market verticals. The highlight of this category is recognition of a City Authority who has re-set the bar for what it means to be a ‘Smart City’, the ultimate manifestation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Mobile Innovation for Enterprise
b. Best Mobile Innovation for Health
c. Best Mobile Innovation for Education
d. Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive
e. Best Mobile Innovation for Payment
f. Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce
g. Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities
h. Smart City Award (The Judge’s Choice)

4. Devices

This category will celebrate the achievements in hardware developments that are stimulating advancements in the mobile sector. We want to see technology that is changing how consumers interact with devices. This category has a strong reputation for recognising market disruptors ahead of others!
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Smartphone (Not Open for Entry)
b. Disruptive Device Innovation Award (Not Open for Entry)
c. Best New Connected Mobile Device @ MWC 2018 (Not Open for Entry)
d. Best Wearable Mobile Technology
e. Best Connected Consumer Device

5. Content & Media

Digitally broadcast, streamed, created or owned, the digital content and media sector continues to grip global audiences as it develops new and exciting platforms to inform, educate and entertain everyone, everywhere. This exciting category awards the companies who are true content innovators.
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Mobile VR or AR
b. Best Mobile Video Content Service
c. Best Mobile Game
d. Best Content and Media Innovation (The Judge’s Choice)

6. Social Good

‘Creating a better future’ is the overarching theme for MWC18, so it is fitting that we award and recognise the companies who are dedicated to innovating for the communities which are most in need. The GSMA is committed to connecting everyone and everything to a #BetterFuture.
Awards in this category are:
a. Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets
b. Best Mobile Innovation for Women in Emerging Markets
c. Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations
d. Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion
e. The Green Mobile Award
f. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

7. Government Excellence

Every year we are delighted to award the Government Excellence award to a government body who have fostered the true spirit of digitisation in their national agenda. This year we are delighted to introduce an additional award, selected and presented by our Chairman, Sunil Bharti Mittal, for a government who has pushed the boundaries of innovation.
Awards in this category are:
a. Government Leadership Award
b. Chairman’s Award for Government Innovation in an Emerging Market

8. Outstanding Achievement

Behind every technological advancement and zeitgeist shift in the sector there is an individual who has relentlessly dedicated his or her time, resources and energy to make change possible. This category looks to honour these individuals and companies who have gone above and beyond to contribute positively to the connected digital community.
Awards in this category are:
a. Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry
b. Women4Technology – Industry Leadership Award (Individuals)
c. Women4Technology – Industry Leadership Award (Organisations)


For more information on each award and on how to submit your entry, please visit our website.