Beyond The Comfort Zone

In May the GSMA delivers a first: An event oriented to an audience from outside the telecoms ecosystem. Here’s why, when and how you or your contacts can get involved.

Many companies today are making a ‘shift to digital’, either as part of deliberate digital transformation plans for the business or under pressures to increase efficiency and agility, open up new revenue streams and boost the customer experience. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have shaken up established industries through digital; like it or not, the lesson has been learnt and, very widely, organisations are stepping outside their comfort zones to reimagine themselves before they suffer a similar fate. More than ever before, IT systems and processes are becoming core to every part of the business; while the CIO or CDO may champion them, the whole C-suite is – or should be – involved.

Particularly in light of many recent high-profile hacks and customer data breaches, the organisation can face a dilemma: at just the time when IT needs to step up as an essential business enabler, the risks of doing so can seem greater than ever.

This does not have to be a conflict.

Done well, it is possible to combine improvements in digital security and data protection with tangible business benefits: Smarter ways to engage the customer, streamlined operations, more valuable data, better visibility of the business, more transparent compliance and reduced business risk. If a breach does happen there are also systems and practices that can vastly reduce the impact on the business from a reputational, legal and financial standpoint.

Mobile 360 Privacy and Security (May 10-11, The Hague, Netherlands) will equip business decision-makers from across the C-suite with the tools and understanding to reap business benefits from a secure shift to digital, as well as get a better vision of the road ahead. Over a couple of days we will combine keynotes, workshops, interactive discussions, demonstrations and themed networking to provide some fresh ways to turn a cost of doing business into a strategic advantage.
Special features will include:

– Meet The Hacker: A chance for executives to interact with the much-feared hackers and understand their motivations and techniques as well as get a better feel for how to use the ‘white hats’ to improve their businesses.

– A business survival guide to hacks and leaks – learn from the experiences of people who’ve been through the mill.

– Dedicated sessions and workshops to help compliance and legal heads navigate the likely road ahead as legislation and policy rushes to catch up with technology and social concerns.

The event will be held in the Hague, a global centre for security and cybersecurity which is easily accessible from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

A draft agenda will soon be available on the Mobile 360 Series website. We are particularly keen to engage with companies making this shift towards greater digitisation both to understand their priorities as we refine the agenda and potentially to share their experiences on stage.
If you’re interested then please drop Alex or Samina a note at or