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Behind the Scenes – A few pointers for a successful speaking experience

In 2019, the GSMA Content Team managed over 2000 speakers, close to 500 hours of content across 3 MWC editions, 7 Mobile 360 Series and…

MWC Topic: Connectivity – The 5G Era

Introduction 2019 has seen the first commercial 5G deployments, with much fanfare. South Korea claims to have more than 2million 5G subscribers on its networks….

MWC Topic: Industry X

Defining Industry X We are living in an age where the lines separating technologies are increasingly blurred and less distinct, as such it becomes increasingly…

MWC Los Angeles Conference Program; why pay us a visit?

With just under three months to go until MWC20 Los Angeles kicks off (Los Angeles Convention Center, October 22nd-24th), now is the time to start…

IoT at MWC Los Angeles

State of the Industry Though “IoT” has been a buzzword for many years, the Internet of Things ecosystem is now creating practical value for businesses….

Mobile 360 Security for 5G: Security for 5G Predictions 2020

By Mark Little, GSMA Intelligence Going into this year’s M360 ‘Security for 5G’ event we have selected eight 5G security predictions for 2020. On Tuesday…

MWC19 Theme Report: Digital Wellness

Introduction Technology holds an immense power to transform and enhance people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Whether that be through AI and analytics increasing medical efficiency,…

#MWCA18 Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence was first defined in the 1950s, it has become one of the most important and impactful technologies of today.


Announcing the MWC19 Conference Themes

MWC19 in Barcelona is a mere seven months away, and preparation is well underway. The website is about to launch along with this year’s brand,…