Conference Speaker Survival Tips

Here in the Event Research team we work with over 1,000 speakers a year, across 12 events, and so now with the research period for MWC 2018 conference underway and MWC Americas just a few weeks away, we have put together a few pointers on how to ensure you have a smooth show experience!

Stage Familiarisation and Rehearsal 

At all of our events you can book in time to have a brief stage familiarisation or a full rehearsal. We fully encourage you to arrange this to ensure you have a smooth experience at the show.

Stage familiarisations will only take 10-15 minutes but are a great opportunity to see the layout of the stage and get comfortable with the AV facilities that will be available e.g. comfort screens and screen clickers.

Rehearsal slots can be booked in for 30-60 minutes. This is a chance to run through your entire presentation on stage for practice. If you are planning on holding a demo on stage then we do require that you do this. This prepares our AV team with your exact requirements to ensure that the live session is run without issues.


Timings on site at the events are tight – so please make sure you are aware of where you need to be and when. Typically, we do require speakers to come to the speaker preparation room 30 minutes prior to their session start.

Always keep your session managers number to hand in case you need to let them know you’re lost or delayed.

What to wear on stage

Key points to remember when planning your outfit:

  • Thin stripes or very busy patterns can disrupt lighting/filming
  • There is no strict dress code – we encourage smart casual, show your personality and make yourself memorable
  • If you are going to be joining us for a seated panel session then please be aware of the length of your trousers or skirt – our stages are elevated (!)
  • Do not wear dangling jewellery – it can tangle with your mic and cause interference
  • Avoid wearing anything which you can fiddle with, such as scarves
  • We can accommodate all outfits for mic-ing, however wearing something with a waist band or belt is useful to attach the lapel mic to
  • The lapel mics do have some weight to them, so the front of your outfit should ideally be structured to support the weight
  • We do aim to provide a female AV technician and/or modesty curtain for assistance with mic-ing up where possible

As always, as you prepare for your sessions and have any questions on how to prepare for your speaker slot then do please get in touch with the team!