Driving digital adoption in West Africa

The proliferation of mobile has brought new opportunities to West Africa.

As one of the fastest growing mobile markets globally, access to internet is reaching unprecedented levels. Digital services are expanding and revolutionising education, health, agriculture, utilities and so much more.

Yet, according to the GSMA’s 2017 Mobile Economy West Africa report, subscriber penetration rates in West Africa remain at 50%, highlighting a huge gap in usage and uptake of digital services. The debate has now moved on from a ‘lack of access’ to a ‘lack of adoption’ which can be addressed through greater transparency and collaboration between government, industry and the start-up community.

Digital needs to move from a marketing buzzword to one that ensures an inclusive future for all. This will be the focus of our second Mobile 360 West Africa, as we ask who is leading the digital revolution: the people or the technology? How can mobile increase consumer engagement? Are current policies supporting the integration of technology into society enough?

Join industry and government leaders from across multiple sectors and West African states including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal as well as attendees from the broader ECOWAS region on 11-12 April, as we discuss how people and technology are shaping the Digital Africa of tomorrow.