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FAQ: How Does The MWC Conference Agenda Reflect The Overall Event Theme?

The theme for this year’s Mobile World Congress is ‘Mobile is Everything’. Will the conference fit the theme – and how will it do that?! The MWC blog has an article explaining how our theme this year has come about – essentially because we’re finding that “there are very few things being created today that don’t somehow have a mobile component to them”.

Traditionally the theme for the show has been something deliberately broad so as to be able to cover the ever-growing ecosystem, services and innovation that are becoming integrated into Congress. Titles like ‘Edge of Innovation’ or ‘Creating the Next’ have tended to be so broad that they are not terribly relevant to any individual conference session – which has enabled the Content Team to work fairly independently of this overall Congress theme.

It is a little early to say for sure this year, but oddly we have a slightly different position. While arguably ‘Mobile is Everything’ is the broadest title of all, the team’s research really seems to echo the point that you can find mobility involved, in some way, with almost every industry and increasingly with the services and products being developed – you can see this in the agendas for the Mobile 360 Series and in the additional research themes for MWC 2016 we’ve picked up on so far.

Strikingly, while the mobile industry is itself undergoing massive sea-changes in its competitive landscape, business processes, outlook and opportunities, many other industries are experiencing the same thing owing to the implications of ubiquitous mobile services. Established players in airlines, manufacturing, logistics and many more are busy reinventing themselves, while ‘mobile native’ companies are disrupting them. We’ve even heard the term ‘Uberisation’ once or twice.

The team will be creating the agenda during October. Our main challenge will be to subdivide ‘everything’ in a way that makes sense to our audience and lets them come away excited, astonished and with concrete ideas for what they can do.