FAQs – MWC17 Call For Papers

Questions on submitting a speaking proposal for Mobile World Congress? This post should help you.

When will I hear whether or not my submission has been successful?

We will be sending out notifications in the second week of November.

How many people attended the conference last year?

Nearly 101,000 attendees came to Mobile World Congress 2016, with around 12,000 attending the conference. A full breakdown of attendees can be found in the post event report.

Can I get feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately we cannot provide feedback during the submission process or after selection. With over 2,000 submissions, we don’t have the capacity to be able to provide individual feedback to each company and individual speaking proposal. We encourage those submitting to continuing following this blog for helpful tips and suggestions in the submission process.

If I am chosen as a speaker do I need to buy a pass?

No, all successful speakers will be sent an invitation to register for a complimentary Speaker Gold Pass.

Do you have any advice on submissions?

Our top tips are:
• Deliver thought leadership, not a sales pitch.
• Use fact not theory. Projections are good, actual data is better.
• Include relevant research (or links to it).
• Keep the proposal short and to the point.
• Consider maximising the seniority of your speaker. If there are YouTube videos of your proposed speaker(s) then please include a link, it is useful material for us.
• We are aiming to host content that will bring the topic to life. Consider joint appearances with relevant clients; demonstrations; or other methods to create impact for the audience.
• Explain how your topic impacts the wider industry.• Check out what to avoid in our post on 9 Sentences You’ll Rarely See in Winning Call for Papers Proposals.

My submission is on a topic you haven’t listed, can I still submit it?

Please! The topic list we provide is only a guide and is not exhaustive. There is an opportunity in the submission form for you to tell us what your topic is.

Do I need to sponsor or are there hidden costs associated with speaking opportunities?

No. Sponsorship does not play a role in our selection of speakers, we select purely on the call for papers submissions and our own research. Additionally there are no costs to submit or to speak (other than your own travel/hotel expenses) and we provide all successful speakers with a complimentary Speaker Gold Pass to the event.

Can you share information on last year’s agenda and speakers?

You can download the 2016 agenda overview from here and the detailed agenda, including speakers and session descriptions, from here.

Can I submit for multiple topics?

Yes, you can submit proposals on various topics.

Is this the same process for the Mobile 360 Series Events?

Yes, we open a Call for Papers for most of our Mobile 360 events, though not all. You can find opening and closing dates on our Event Calendar.

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