Got Questions About Speaking At Mobile World Congress? Find your answers here…

In the lead up to Mobile World Congress, we’re flooded with questions about the conference and speaking opportunities. We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions to try and answer them all in one go. Take a look….

When will the agenda be announced?
An overview of the agenda can be found here.

When will I hear whether or not my submission has been successful?
We will be sending out notifications in the first week of December.

Can I get feedback on my submission?
Unfortunately we cannot provide feedback during the submission process or after selection. With over 2,000 submissions, we don’t have the capacity to be able to provide individual feedback to each company and individual speaking proposal. We encourage those submitting to continuing following this blog for helpful tips and suggestions in the submission process.

If I am successful do I need to buy a pass?
No, all successful speakers will be sent an invitation to register for a complimentary Speaker Gold Pass. More information on pass types can be found here.

Do you replicate the same topics in the conference agenda every year?
Each year we try to bring fresh content, perspectives and new angles for discussion to the MWC conference programme. As we build the conference agenda, we try to bring in and test new topics which we haven’t covered previously (e.g. Accessibility or Imaging) but with some of these more niche areas, whether we repeat the following year would depend on the feedback and attendance. We often cover the big themes year on year, such as identity, mobile networks evolution, IoT etc. however we try to find new angles for these discussions.

How do you choose speakers?
We have a long and rigorous process for selecting speakers. We have a number of criteria to consider when deciding which speakers are most appropriate for each session of the conference. They include:
• Relevance of the subject
• Strength of the angle taken
• Originality of the content and format proposed
• News worthiness of the content proposed
• Quality and level of the speaker
• Strength of the references offered
• Balance with other speakers selected for the session

When does the Call for Papers open?
The Call for Papers for Mobile World Congress 2017 will open at the end of June 2016.

How many people attended the conference last year?
In 2015 MWC attracted over 94,000 people to the event as a whole, including over 12,000 people who attended the conference.

How many speaking slots are available?
There are approximately 230 speaking slots available in the conference programme, the amount of speakers in each session varies depending on the format.

If I submitted for a single presentation slot will I still be considered for a panel?
Yes, we select speakers based on their submission, if we feel a submission would be ideally suited for a panel discussion we will get in touch with you.

Have we answered your question? If not, please get in touch by emailing contentresearch@gsma.com

Or check out the conference page on the Mobile World Congress website.