Hackathon at Mobile 360 Privacy & Security

Enterprise apps should be secure – that seems fairly obvious. In many cases, though, they aren’t and companies only discover this too late. The underlying reasons are many, but often it’s simply not a priority listed in the specs for something that needs to be done fast and inexpensively by a third party app developer. Especially where transactions and personal data are involved, this seems like a surprising risk but one which, unless a company has in-house specialists, they tend to be ill-equipped to assess.

Chatting with Onegini, one of our partners at Mobile 360 Privacy & Security, it turns out that they believe they have cracked that problem with their SDK. Not only that, but they were willing to prove it in a live environment. Challenge accepted…

Why is that significant, why should you get involved, and what’s in it for you?

Mobile 360 Privacy & Security is going to bring together 250-300 significant executives from major industries, from all over Europe, the USA and Africa. It’s a great networking and thought leadership event featuring C-level speakers and attendees from technical, legal, telecoms, cybersecurity and many more industries.

10 May – We kick off the app development challenge, taking input from the audience in terms of specifications. 2-3 teams will battle it out to create a compelling app using Onegini’s SDK (You’ll get training on how to use it and support through the day).

11 May – Hackers take over, testing out what vulnerabilities there are in these apps which have been so quickly put together.

Both parts of the hackathon will receive coverage from Mobile World Live, the GSMA’s news and media portal that goes out to 90,000 professionals worldwide (and growing). Participants will have access to the rest of the conference and networking, of course, and be able to take part when you’re not otherwise engaged. We will also provide tickets to the next Mobile World Congress for the best app and most outstanding hacker. As a way to get noticed by, and interact with, digital industry leaders this is a great opportunity.

How can you get involved? Simple. Whether you’d like to put forward a team to develop an app or whether you’re game to try and hack them, in the first instance send Alex an email at alawrence@gsma.com and he’ll be able to connect you to the right people to take this forward.