So, what happened in Hall 4 at MWC 2017?

We are delighted to have hosted the largest Mobile World Congress yet! Now that we (the content team) have had the opportunity to recover, we took a moment to reflect on our key take away/ favourite moment from MWC17.

The MWC 2017 conference in numbers:

Alejandro Pinero – Avast hacking a coffee machine on stage and brewing coffee for the moderator during the IoT Security session on Wednesday, highlighting the vulnerability of everyday connected items. Also the 5G Impact session on Thursday was a highlight, with leading companies demonstrating 5G demos on latency, security and throughput.


Alex Lawrence – The best moment for me was hearing hacker Chris Roberts describing walking through MWC giggling with joy at the opportunities presented! And the most interesting result had to be noting the massive change in the way network-related discussions are taking place. Boundaries between any technology topic and almost any other are dissolving; the outcome will be more radical competition and vastly more varied business models than anybody’s really talking about with confidence.

Gabriel Jor – Going into MWC I knew little about the Ministerial Programme and Women 4 Tech Summit. Both these were completely packed which really was quite eye opening because it really shows what we do at GSMA does make a difference in society.

Georgia Mould – The opening keynote has to be my favourite part of the event! Seeing our months of hard work come together, event officially open and first Keynote kick off is an indescribable feeling. Nearly 3,000 people attended, we overflowed the overflow! A great start to the event.

Keren Bowman – Having Nicola Mandelson from Facebook open the Keynote for Women4Tech and her insight into the work life balance was so interesting. Also the show case stage this year was really cool, some awesome start-ups!

Mark Callender – Dancing on stage at the MMIX party and eating all the food at the Facebook party were personal highlights (#deepinsight).

Nick Spencer – My key take away(s) was that software assets are key to long term survival, perhaps an obvious statement, but never truer. Also, the profound impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening now, real concrete examples could be found throughout the conference. I also thought Hall 4 looked awesome, a real buzz.

Roisin Hartshorn – Definitely had to be Innoplaylab bringing a smart home personal assistant robot along to the Showcase Stage.

Rudolph Moncrieff – It had to be the Connected Vehicles Keynote on Monday, starting with Eugene Kaspersky’s Terminator inspired intro in total darkness, and ending with the Roborace’s Robocar reveal… most of the audience were gasping in wonder and standing up to take photos of the car. Having Netflix’s Reed Hastings keynote for the first time at MWC was also really cool. In the track sessions, I really enjoyed listening in on the AI sessions I worked on (Chatbots and Virtual Assistants + Automation & Robotics)… it is still a topic I cannot help but associate with science fiction and I find most of the work being carried out in that space absolutely fascinating.

Samina Malik – Listening to the industry confusion about the blockchain and despite this, the huge interest in the possibilities for it to disrupt across a variety of use cases. Also the growing importance of/interest in the (personal) data economy – it’s core to so many aspects of mobile and digital.

Zehra Chudry – The interview with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, stole the show for me. As a massive fan of the platform, it was so insightful to hear about their plans. The whole audience was transfixed!

From the Content Team we want to say thank you to all of the speakers and teams involved in helping us create this year’s show. Early plans have already started for Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 – so stay tuned for more information!