How to ROCK as a Mobile World Congress Speaker

Dazzle us with an awesome Call For Papers submission
This is a key tool for getting your foot in the door in the first place. Start as you mean to go on with an exciting, attention grabbing submission title and a proposal which doesn’t just suggest a PowerPoint presentation explaining the definition of virtualisation.
(Stay tuned for our next blog for tips on how to get your CFP submission right).

Fly in the face of convention!
Be creative with your presentation format! DON’T just opt for the old stand-by (and DULL) 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation. Build in more time for Q&A, prepare a demo, ask the audience a question or prepare a poll. We want dynamic, creative and lively speakers!

Connect with your conference comrades
Engage with the moderator and other speakers before the event! If you want to have a really enjoyable and more relaxed experience on stage, knowing who’s joining you up there ahead of the event can make a BIG difference. If you have a face to face meeting or even just a call ahead of the event, it not only helps you build a rapport with the other speakers, it also allows you work out how you can complement one another’s messages on stage.

Dare to shock and don’t be afraid to be controversial!
Some of the best speakers we have had on stage at MWC have been mad as hatters but totally memorable. Being controversial provokes discussion and greater audience interactivity. MWC is the platform to make an impact, but it can be difficult to stand out at a show so vast – so say something bold or pose a contentious question!

Bring fresh, unique content, data & stories
I can’t tell you how boring it can be to sit and listen to a 15 minute presentation which presents information that I could have read on a company corporate website. The MWC conference is a great platform for making big announcements, sharing unique experiences and releasing new data.

Get to know your audience & then tailor your content accordingly
Depending on your topic, your speaking spot should not just be an opportunity for you to pitch to mobile operators. Learn about the other key stakeholders in the room and make sure you have something for everyone.

Don’t be late, this is a very important date!
If you’re late it reflects really poorly on you. We in the Content Team like to think of ourselves as pretty cool folks who can roll with most scenarios but if you’re late, it doesn’t just mess us up – it messes up all the other speakers, the moderator and of course – yourself. Be on time or even early and save everyone a lot of stress!

Don’t plan any meetings in the hour before your speaking spot
An extension of the above…speaking at MWC is nerve racking enough – don’t add to your stress levels by scheduling a meeting too close to your moment in the spotlight. Meetings can leave you feeling exhausted, harassed, and distracted, not to mention they can make you late which adds to a feeling of panic you don’t need!

Practice makes perfect
The Content Team offer all our speakers the opportunity to have a rehearsal and to check out the conference auditorium before you speak if you would like too. Having a rehearsal in the space you will be speaking can help you familiarise yourself with the stage.

AV in advance!
We can accommodate most AV requests and we’re keen on dynamic new formats but we do need to know as early as possible if there’s something specific or special you need to make your speaking spot super ace!

Don’t book a return flight home too close to your speaking spot
Timings change, schedules move, things run over and people always underestimate how long it can take to actually get out of the Fira and battle the traffic of Barcelona across to the airport! We’ve seen too many speakers who tell us they have booked their return flight for 2 hours after they get off the MWC stage. You don’t want to miss your flight and have to re-book all over again so leave yourself plenty of time between your speaking spot and your flight.

That’s about it from us, we hope it helps! See you in Barcelona!