Innovation Thriving in Latin America

Although headlines about innovation often come from Silicon Valley, the Far East, Europe and other regions, there is a flurry of innovation within telecoms taking place in Latin America. Successful start-ups, disruptors and innovative companies are starting in the region and slowly taking on a global approach and footprint.

The mobile industry is thriving in the region. A recent study from the GSMA focused on the mobile market in Argentina, found that across many platforms such as, or Restorando, users accessing services from mobile devices is constantly increasing, with 30% to 50% of total users choosing to access websites from their mobile devices. These services vary from online auction sites, restaurant booking platforms and online shopping outlets, proving that mobile first is important across different verticals.

Successful start-ups such as Easy Taxi, who will be speaking at this year’s Mobile 360 Latin America event, show that local ideas from the region can be transported and applied across the globe. Easy Taxi’s deployment across different markets in the region such as Mexico, and international expansion to new regions around the globe, reflects the international sprit or Latin American innovation.

Digital start-ups and innovation in the region are wide-ranging in focus. In Argentina alone, successful start-ups have appeared in diverse sectors such as travel and transportation (, Easy Taxi), Agriculture (Movistar Agro and, social networking (Taringa!) and online shopping (MercadoLibre, These are but a few examples of disruption emerging from Latin America.

Investment is also readily available across the region. Incubators such as Telefonica Wayra or 500 Startups are active in the region. According to the GSMA’s recent report on innovation in Latin America, capital investment in start-ups in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia exceeded US$5.2billion in 2015, and that number is increasing.

This is the time for Latin American entrepreneurs to capitalise on the expanding demand for services and applications readily available at everyone’s fingertips, directly on their phones.

Mobile 360 Latin America, taking place in Mexico City of September 20th & 21st will have a focus on innovation in the region. Start-ups will have the chance to present to the audience and a panel of industry experts ready to offer advice and feedback, with the winner selected to speak at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. To participate in the pitch contest, please submit your application through the form found here.