Leaders Stage @ MWC Shanghai: Free Samples?

The Leaders Stage is a new initiative we’ve put in place for MWC Shanghai. While most of the GSMA’s conference accessed (surprise surprise) by a gold or VIP conference pass, the Leaders Stage is a unique part of the conference which is accessible to anyone with an exhibition pass.

You’ll find the Leaders Stage along with the rest of the conference, in Hall N5. It offers the same high level of content and speaker as the rest of the conference, and the content is designed to be relevant to (more or less) anybody.

Day One: Building a Digital Society
Day Two: Women4Tech
Day Three: Better Future Commerce and Finance

If you live in a society, you’ll find lessons to take away. If you buy things or use money, this will be useful. If you work with ladies… or even more if you don’t… you should come and join in.

So, why is this free?

Are the speakers more junior on the Leaders Stage? Not at all. CEOs, CxOs and VPs make up the vast majority of speakers. People like Bessie Lee, the founder of Withinlink, who used to be the CEO of WPP China. Like Jingyi Yu, CEO of Plex-VR, and Anna Yip the CEO of Smartone.

Is this a load of sponsors making sales pitches? No, no, no. Like every GSMA conference, it is not pay-to-play. We just pick people with great stories to tell, who we think will help shape the future.

There are some things about the stage that are unique, though.

Formats. On the Leaders Stage we are very deliberately moving away from the ‘corporate’ presentation-heavy style that you’ll usually hear. You’ll see quick pitches, demonstrations, interviews, audience Q&A, debates, TED-talk style activity…

– And, to help the formats work, the auditorium is actually set up differently as well. The stage projects out into the audience, so that the speakers can get out there and interact with you.

We’re really excited about what we can bring you this year. Whether you want to stay for a day, or have a half-hour between meetings, you can drop in here and find fresh ideas to take away.

So, then, why are we just giving this away?

It really comes down to this:

There are a lot of executives who come to MWC Shanghai from around the world and visit the conference regularly: Many thanks to you, we love that you want to come back.

But plenty of other people never get to see the conference. Shanghai attracts a huge variety of different companies and industries who want to see what’s going on in the tech world and how it will affect them, and for many of them a conference pass is a risky investment.

As a result they literally don’t know what they are missing.

They don’t get to see speakers and companies talking about the big issues and sharing the big surprises. They don’t get to meet the speakers and network with delegates who could open up whole new business horizons.

So think of this a ‘taster’. If you have never been to a GSMA conference before, this is a safe way to see how they work.

If you like what we’re doing, come along to the conference next time; we can even help you upgrade to get into the rest of the conference on site. If you look at the speakers and think ‘Yeah, I’d like to do that’, get in touch: contentresearch@gsma.com.

If it just helps give you a few new ideas in between meetings… well, that’s what a conference is all about, after all.