mHealth Predictions Panel: What does human healthcare look like in 2028?

MWC Barcelona 2018 saw the introduction of the first mHealth Predictions Panel in front of an audience of over 350 senior health and tech professionals.

Our fantastic panel consisted of:
• Moderator: Ronan Wisdom, Global Lead, Connected Health, Accenture (@ronanwisdom)
Asher Hasan, Founder, doctHERS (@DoctHERs)
Peter Ohnemus, CEO, Dacadoo (@peterohnemus)
Sajid Rahman, CEO, Telenor Health (@SajidRepublic)
Oksana Pyzik, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL School of Pharmacy (@OksanaPyzikUCL)

Our panel concluded with the following 10 predictions that they believed we would see come true in the next 10 years:

Prediction 1 – Robotic Surgeons

Remote robotic-assisted surgeries will become commonplace, with initial applications in military – Asher Hasan

Prediction 2 – Intelligent Implants

Medication will be provided in implantable form and delivered automatically based on real world data, for example in emergency situations – Oksana Pyzik

Prediction 3 – Personal Health Scores

Health Scoring is part of our daily life – just like a credit score in today’s world – Peter Ohnemus

Prediction 4 – My Data Marketplace

People will collect their own health data and share it for an incentive, earning money just by being alive – Sajid Rahman

Prediction 5 – Smart Therapies

The convergence of predictive analytics and personalized medicine to predict efficacy and safety of a therapy will fundamentally disrupt the industry –Asher Hasan

Prediction 6 – Social Marketplaces

Social media platforms such as Instagram will become a major marketplace for pharmaceutical products and therapies – Oksana Pyzik

Prediction 7 – Sensors Everywhere

There will be more than 10 Billion IoT biosensors globally in use – tracking all parts of our daily health – Peter Ohnemus

Prediction 8 – The AI Will See You Now

50% of all diagnoses will be underpinned by some form of AI, enabling human healthcare professionals to make faster, more accurate diagnoses – Sajid Rahman

Prediction 9 – Crowd-Sourcing Healthcare

Massive amounts of crowd-sourced data, combined with deep learning and predictive intelligence applied to health records, will predict disease outbreaks – Oksana Pyzik

Prediction 10 – Task Shifting

Tasks will shift to frontline community healthcare professionals as remote care applications grow exponentially – Asher Hasan

Prediction 11 – No More Jabs

We will be able to collect health data with little intervention, for example collecting blood glucose data without collecting blood – Sajid Rahman

Prediction 12 – AI Everywhere

There will be more than 2 Billion lifestyle based AI healthcare systems in use – just like we have around a billion car navigation systems in use today – Peter Ohnemus

Prediction 13 – Vertical Integration

Ecommerce and logistics platforms will integrate to facilitate the connected care model – Asher Hasan