Mobile 360 Latin America Wrap up

This week Mobile 360 – Latin America returned to Mexico City for the first time since the inaugural event in 2016. The three-day event brought in over 1,500 attendees to discuss a variety of topics that fall under the overarching theme of “Intelligently Connecting to a Better Future.”

On the first day of the two-day conference program, senior industry leaders discussed the opportunity of intelligent connectivity and the transformational impact it will have on industries, societies and economies. Speakers presented regional examples of the new industry solutions powered by the combination of AI and IoT with high-speed, reliable and cost-effective networks.

The second day of the conference focused on digital transformation. Industry executives shared strategies for fostering business agility, guidance on how to maintain consumer trust and opportunities to create value from data. From established enterprises to the latest start-ups, every organization must be agile and embrace new technologies to succeed in the global digital economy.

There is a huge opportunity in Latin America to create real value from increased investment in new technology and infrastructure. And we must continue to convene as an industry to discuss the impact new technologies or business strategies will have on society at large.

Day 1 – Intelligently Connecting to a Better Future

Opening Keynote Intelligently Connecting Latin America
Intelligent connectivity enables transformational new capabilities that will positively impact industries, societies and economies. Creating an intelligently connected world requires a combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT with high-speed, reliable and cost-effective networks.

The 2019 opening keynote will feature mobile operators, regulators and ecosystem stakeholders who will share their approach intelligent connectivity, guidance on how it will impact industries in the region and a timeline for realizing its full potential.

• Javier Piniero, Head of Latin America, GSMA
• Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA
• Secretary Javier Jiménez Espriú, Secretary of Communication and Transportation
• Carlos Slim Domit, Chairman of the Board, America Movil
• Gabriel Oswaldo Contreras, Comisionado Presidente, IFT
• Laxmi Akkaraju, Chief Strategy Officer, GSMA
• Eduardo Gutierrez, Presidente, IBM de México
• Carlos Alberto Morales Paulin, CEO, Telefonica Mexico

Mobility in Action: The Impact of Future Networks
The demand for fast, reliable and affordable connectivity is one of the biggest challenges for operators and governments in the region. With 5G just around the corner, industries must optimize for the connectivity available today, while preparing for the opportunity of future networks. During this session, leaders will share examples of how connectivity will transform industries in Latin America.

• Gabriel Szekely, Director General, Anatel
• Byungki Oh, VP, Korea Telecom
• Thomas Sullivan, International Bureau Chief, Federal Communications Commission
• Osvaldo Di Campli, Head of LAT Market, Nokia
• Germán Darío Arias Pimenta, Commissioner, Comision de Regulacion de Comunicaciones Colombia
• Felipe Gomez del Campo, Senior Sales Director, Latin America, Intelsat
• Martin Wessel, Gerente de Evolución Tecnológica, Telecom Argentina

Unlocking the Potential of AI and IoT
Industry analysts have projected that over 20 billion connected devices will on the market by 2020, these IoT devices and sensors will produce unfathomable amounts of data. When combined with the power of AI, this data can create valuable business insights and can improve human potential. However, these technologies can also have significant societal impact. This session will look at the opportunities AI and IoT create for a variety of industries in Latin America, as well as the ethical challenges around data security and the future of work.

• Jorge Fernando Negrete, CEO, Mediatelecom
• Carlos Jimenez, Industry Solutions Telco & Media Exec, IBM de México
• Alan Castillo Velazquez, Regional BDM Big Data and IoT, Telefonica
• Alfonso Monreal, Public Relations and Government Relations Director, General Motors
• Carla Gonzalez, Vice President, Amdocs
• Andrés Tortoriello, Dir. Ejecutivo Mercado Empresarial, AT&T Mexico
• Max Tremp, Engineering Lead for Latin America, Cisco
• Karl Horne, VP of Fixed Data Solutions, SES Networks

Regulatory Session – Connecting the Region
The Regulatory Session will bring together industry stakeholders from across Latin America to discuss topical issues related to connectivity in the region. This year, key topics for debate will include spectrum policy, deployment of new telecommunications infrastructure, and the taxation of mobile connectivity. This session will host a lively discussion between policy makers, regulators, mobile operators and ecosystems players.

Regulatory Panel:
• Lucas Gallitto, Public Policy Director, GSMA
• Alejandro Cantu Jimenez, General Counsel, America Movil
• Vinicius Caram, Superintendent, ANATEL
• Monica Aspe, VP of External & Regulatory Affairs, AT&T
• Javier Juarez, Commissioner, IFT
• Ana de Saracho, Regulation Director, Telefonica Mexico

Infrastructure Panel:
• Daniel Pataki, VP of Policy and Regulation, GSMA
• Salma Jalife, Subsecretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes
• Javier Salgado, Director General, ALTÁN Redes
• Claudina Garcia, Senior Director of Legal and Public Affairs Mexico, American Tower
• Gabriel Solomon, Head of Government & Industry Relations – Europe & Latin America, Ericsson
• Maria Alexandra Velez, Director of Latin American Government and Regulatory Affairs, SBA Communications
• Ana Valero Huete, Latin America Regulatory Director, Telefonica

Day 2 – Digital Transformation: Changing Latin America Today and Tomorrow

The Power of Data and the Impact of Automation
The world around us is becoming a web of connected devices and services. This vast amount of data generated is already a vital part of the decision to personalise content, products and experiences. Having said that, the amount of available data far exceeds the ability to process it for most enterprises, so an opportunity to better understand the customer base and make important decisions often goes untapped. How can companies become data-driven whilst maintaining their core business at heart? How much data is too much data?

• Leticia Pautasio, Editor in Chief, TeleSemana
• José Murillo Garza, Chief Analytics Officer, Banorte
• Marilú López, President, Chapter Mexico, DAMA
• Daniel Vaughan, Director, Big Data, Telefonica Mexico
• Javier Hauss, Regional Head of Analytics, UberEats LatAm

Building Trust in the Digital Economy
Recent data leaks and misuse have put the issue of trust and digital identity at the heart of tech discussions. As users become more preoccupied and aware of the information they share, corporations need to become robust in their processes, in an effort to become privacy-centric. However, as witnessed in many cases, one bad apple can ruin the bunch, and as such, the industry needs to rally together to ensure privacy and data security for all users.

• Sonia Agnese, Senior Analyst, Latin America, Ovum
• Nikolaos Chrysaidos, Head, Mobile Threat Intelligence, Avast
• Isidro Quintana, Managing Director, Mexico, Cisco
• Lina Ornelas, Head of Public & Government Affairs, Google Mexico
• Eduardo Dantas, Consultant, HP Enterprise
• Horacio Villalobos Tlatempa, Direccion de Normatividad Tecnica, IFT
• Ling Wu, CEO & Founder, TBCASoft

Business Agility: How to Drive Digital Transformation
Increasingly digital and versatile competitors are disrupting all industries, from brick and mortar to services. Traditional businesses run the risk of falling behind and losing ground to new entrants in their sectors, and Latin America is no exception to this. Driving innovation is difficult in large organisations, but key to their future. How can companies foster innovation from within? When does a business need to be disrupted; should they wait until they are seeing numbers dwindle? A culture shift has happened in the disruptors, but can the disrupted follow suite?

• Javier Chavez-Ruiz, CEO & Co-Founder, IST Soluciones
• Gemini Waghmare, Head of Digital Identity, Amdocs
• Jorge Suarez, Deputy CEO, Antel Uruguay
• Amilkar Torrres, VP, Product, Cable & Wireless Communications
• Roberto Tapia Conyer, Director General, Carlos Slim Foundation
• Tomas Helou, SVP Leonardo & Analytics, SAP
• Juan Carlos Jil, Senior Manager Business Development, Mobility & IoT, LatAm, Tata Communications

Fostering Innovation in Latin America
Latin America is quickly becoming a hub for entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors across the tech and telecommunications industries. With more capital available, and experience to mentor and foster these ideas, it is time to own the revolution and disrupt the market. The closing session of Mobile 360 Latin America will feature a panel with some of the most important investors, incubators and mentors in the region, followed by a pitch-contest featuring some of the most promising new companies in the region.

• Genaro Mejía, Director Editorial, Entrepreneur en Español
• Fernando Sepúlveda, Founder & General Manager, Impulsa Global
• Gabriela Ruggeri, Managing Partner, Kamay Ventures
• Mariana Taladrid, Investment Principal, Liil Ventures
• Gabriel Cortina, Country Manager, Wayra Mexico