MWC Americas 2018 Keynote Summary

With just two weeks to go the MWC Americas keynote line up has been finalised, and the respective speaker teams are hard at work perfecting their presentations and key messages.

Hopefully you managed to read the blog we wrote on the key themes of the event some weeks ago. Below you can see how this has manifested itself.

Also attached is a simple excel document outlining once again the keynotes, but also all the track sessions and some speaker highlights, which includes 54 company founders and CEOs, out of a total of 260 speakers in Conference.

K1: A Connected Future – 09:00 to 10:30, 12th September

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US is going to shake up the US mobile industry. Come and see what these two protagonists think about their future together, and the impact on the wider industry in the United States and beyond.
• Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA
• Meredith Attwell Baker, President and CEO, CTIA
• Marcelo Claure, Executive Chairman, Sprint, Chairman CTIA
• Michael Sievert, President and COO, T-Mobile US
• Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman GSMA, Founder and Chairman, Bharti Enterprises – fireside chat

K2: Innovation and Disruption in LA – 11:00 to 12:00, 12th September

LA is developing into a world hub for tech innovation, and if anyone can claim the title of the founder, it’s ideaLab’s founder Bill Gross. Come and hear why the current innovation revolution we are just beginning is different.
The industry most synonymous with LA is of course the movie industry. LA has been the home of motion picture content for 100 years. It is America’s greatest cultural export, but never has it seen more disruption than today, with the twin industries of content and telecoms colliding.
Disruption creates challenges and opportunity in equal measure, and we have two speakers that can discuss where the opportunities lie, and how the content and telecoms industry has and must adapt to maintain relevance and engage with consumers.
• Bill Gross, Chairman, idealab
• Sean Doherty, CEO, WURL Inc. –fireside chat

• Darcy Antonellis, CEO, Vubiquity –fireside chat

K3: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Keynote – 09:00 to 10:45, 13th September

The Fourth Industrial Revolution it is the most complex, inclusive and automated revolution the world has seen. We have reached a point where physical technology (devices, sensors and ubiquitous connectivity) and digital technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchain, and analytics) will converge to create a truly intelligently connected world.
This keynote will look at how networks, and 5G in particular, are enabling this revolution, and most importantly how it will impact two critical areas in our society, transport and education.
LA is almost as well known for its traffic, as it is for Hollywood, so it will be great to hear what the LA Department of Transport are planning to improve the transport network in LA, and the lives of its citizens, with so much enabling technology on the near horizon.
Lastly, education is a formative part of everyone’s lives, it shapes the society of tomorrow, and we are honoured to have Esther Wojcicki discuss the transformation that education needs to undertake to keep pace with the rapid changes the fourth industrial revolution is causing. Esther’s influence on the tech industry, not least from within her own home (Google it;), cannot be overstated.
• Ronan Dunne, CEO, Verizon Wireless – fireside chat with Sara Fischer
• Rajeev Suri, CEO, Nokia
• Tim Baxter, CEO, Samsung North America
• Seleta Reynolds, GM, LA Transport
• Esther Wojcicki, Journalist and Educator
• Panel with all of the above moderated by Ronan Dunne

K4: Connecting Content – 11:15 to 12:15, 13th September

AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, and before that DIRECTV, changed the technology, media and telecom industries. Let us hear David Christopher’s vision of the evolution of entertainment.
The music industry has already been through a tremendous period of change. Pandora’s new CEO, Roger Lynch, will discuss some of the learnings from this transformation, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
• Moderator: Lisa Pommerening, Head of Media, Entertainment and Information Industries, WEF
• David Christopher, President, AT&T Mobility & Entertainment
• Roger Lynch, CEO, Pandora – fireside chat

K5: Media & Entertainment – 09:00 to 10:30, 14th September

Friday’s keynote will see HBO’s Richard Plepler talk about how HBO is adapting to the new world of global internet distribution, and the opportunities presented by the new incumbents of the Time Warner throne.
Secondly, Vice has been the leader of contemporary cutting-edge journalism and social commentary. At the same time, the news media is under unprecedented scrutiny and fragmentation, with far reaching political and social impact. Vice’s International President, Dominique Delport will discuss these issues and more.
Finally, we look at the rapidly evolving and immersive world of live events with the world’s largest venue company, AEG, and actor and eSports entrepreneur Rick Fox, alongside the connectivity enabler of it all, Boingo Wireless in a panel discussion.
• Richard Plepler, CEO, HBO – fireside chat with Lisa Pommerening, WEF
• Dominique Delport, President, Vice Media International – fireside chat with Michael Kassan, MediaLink
• Dan Beckerman, CEO, AEG, David Hagan, Chairman & CEO, Boingo, Rick Fox, Actor and Entrepreneur, Panel Q&A with Liz Dolan moderating

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Lastly, the locations for the Keynotes in South Hall G and the Tracks in the Concourse Hall, can be seen below. See you there.