MWC17 Big Themes: Content & Media: Video

Continuing our series of theme reports is Video, Content & Entertainment. By 2021, video will account for 70% of all mobile data traffic. (Ericsson)

In recent years there has been a huge shift in the way that we consume content – we expect access to a wide range of content and services instantly, and seamlessly, across a range of devices. This is particularly true of millennials, and the number of “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” is only set to increase.

This is a time of major disruption, and opportunity, across the entire content value chain. It is crucial that operators position their content strategies correctly – get it right, and they stand to reap the benefits of new revenue streams, enhanced brand perception and increased engagement with their customers. But, this is often easier said than done – this is a highly competitive and crowded market, where agile companies have deep pockets and are producing hugely popular, original content of their own.

Operators need to decide which content strategy to adopt – this could involve acquisitions, partnership & aggregation, building out new platforms from scratch, or a combination. There are also opportunities to reimagine a multi-play offering and capitalise on investment in the networks. This is one piece of a much bigger digital transformation journey that many operators are already embarking on.

The next step in the evolution of content will surely be to incorporate all aspects of the ‘Connected Self’ into one convenient platform, where multiple feeds of consumer data can be fed in, analytics & AI applied and highly personalised and tailored offers presented.

Content as a strategy is often long-term, and this may not please investors wanting immediate results. Not everyone has pockets deep enough for major acquisitions stretching into the billions of dollars.

Operators are of course just one part of the ecosystem and the disruption to the content value chain extends far beyond the operators – traditional pay TV players and broadcasters, content producers and Hollywood, are also experiencing the huge shift in viewing habits and battling to retain their share of the market.

Content certainly can be king, but, executing a killer content strategy is easier said than done, and takes time.

The GSMA conference content team has identified the following topics within this overarching theme that will make up part of the MWC17 conference programme;

The Power of Personalisation

The combination of personalisation and recommendation is a powerful tool. There is a huge opportunity for companies to develop a highly personalised and seamless video and ad experience, which connects with consumers in a meaningful way. Customisable viewing options present an opportunity to leverage personalised data to target content and advertising.

Global Innovations in Media & Content: Publishing and Delivery

Traditional news, media and publishing businesses are under threat and must innovate in their approach to delivering content. In mobile-first markets, such as Latin America and Africa, the need for relevant and local content has never been greater.

Optimising for Exceptional Video Experiences

It is clear that mobile data traffic is only set to continue to grow – by up to 15 fold by the end of 2017. A large part of this growth is driven by video.
But looking ahead to high-profile events such as the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia, how can businesses not only meet, but surpass, customer expectations in the delivery of high quality video? How can operators benefit from this and where are the opportunities for new business models, and ultimately, revenues?

Acquire, Aggregate, Partner? Creating value for Telcos in Content

There are many routes into content for operators and it is an area that represents huge potential for growth. This session will explore some of these varying strategies into content and will discuss the challenges involved. Hear from content rights holders, platform providers, investors and of course, the operators themselves.

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