MWC19 Los Angeles Key Themes

Following the successful transition to Los Angeles in 2018, this year’s MWC19 Los Angeles promises to be bigger and better than ever before. As with MWC19 in Barcelona, Spain, the overarching theme for the show will be “Intelligent Connectivity”. Intelligent connectivity enables not only improved cellular services for mobile phone users, but capabilities to revolutionize countless industries. By developing and rolling out new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and the gradual launch of 5G services, telecommunication providers are at the heart of innovation.

To make navigating the conference program easier, and identify the sessions and days most relevant to you and your objectives, we have mapped out the conference sessions according to four key themes: IoT, 5G, Disruptive Innovation and Immersive Content

These represent the enabling technologies and services ushering a new era in telecommunications and beyond through intelligent connectivity.

The 2019 MWC Los Angeles conference themes are:

Overarching Theme: Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent connectivity enables transformational new capabilities in all industries, including transportation, entertainment, industrial and much more.
In connected environments, the ultimate goal is for intelligent systems to match, surpass or enhance human actions. To make that possible, connected systems need a network that is high-speed, ultra-reliable, global and cost-effective. AI and 5G are the necessary building blocks to deliver intelligent connectivity across industries and use cases.

With the backbone of a 5G network, intelligence does not have to be built in to hardware, it can be enabled close to the end user through edge computing. The convergence of AI, Big Data, Connectivity and IoT will transform the world around us, but is society ready for these changes?


5G is designed to create speeds, flexibility and agility to create the services and performance needed for use cases with far higher reliability requirements than are possible today. With a wealth of use cases, trials and commercial applications available, as well as devices starting to make an appearance in the market, this theme will focus on business models, policy and proven use cases with lessons learned.
Example Topics:
– 5G Business Case & Economics
– Spectrum
– Network slicing
– Densification
– Edge Computing
– Customer data
– Collaborative Intelligence


Though it has been a buzzword for many years, the Internet of Things continues to outperform the hype. At the beginning of 2017, Gartner predicted that there would be 8.4 billion connected devices that year across industries and verticals. In 2018, Statista registered that over 20 billion devices were connected around the world in 2017. This theme will examine successful use cases and implementations to identify where the opportunities still exist to win with IoT.
Example Topics:
– IoT
– Industrial IoT
– Digital Transformation
– Transportation
– Future of work
– Digital IQ
– Collaborative Intelligence
– Security

Disruptive Innovation

New technologies like AI, blockchain, data analytics, wireless charging and new user interfaces have accelerated innovation and market growth across industries from core to device. As companies try to keep up with the opportunities that these technologies provide, they must also change their internal culture to support this rapid change. This theme will look beyond the hype, focusing on use cases, agile business strategy and best practices when integrating disruptive technologies.
Example Topics:
– AI & AI Ethics
– Blockchain
– Data analytics
– Graphene
– Wireless Charging
– New interfaces & future of the device
– Voice
– Future of work
– Security
– Customer Experience
– Trust & Data Privacy
– Drones

Immersive Content

Immersive Content creates an experience that blurs the line between the physical world and digital world. When the mobile device moved from being the third screen to the first screen for viewing content, the need for hyper-connectivity, increased processing power and global mobile platforms became more important than ever. This theme will look at the technical innovations that deliver and distribute mobile and immersive content.
Example Topics:
– 5G & Live Entertainment
– Distribution
– Content Creation
– Business Models
– Interactive
– Voice Interfaces
– Entertainment
– Sports
– Gaming/Gamification

The Call For Speakers is now open, and will close on May 1st, so don’t delay getting your submission in to the GSMA conference team!