MWC Americas Conference Theme – The Network

As the 5G hype cycle continues, the technology discussion has moved from the theoretical to the tangible. Use cases are being developed, business cases built and the economics of 5G are increasingly in the spotlight of every discussion. However, it is clear that 5G will not exist in a vacuum, but rather as an evolution of existing network technology. The Network Theme at MWC Americas will offer a view of today’s networks, the road to 5G and, finally, what 5G will look like and who it will be for.

The Network theme is split into three conferences, “Network Optimization” on Wednesday, September 13th, “The 5G Conference” on Thursday and the “IoT 5G Conference“, which will take place on Friday, September 14th. Also on Friday, the Connected Vehicles Conference will draw on the importance of evolved mobile networks for autonomous and connected vehicles.

The sessions have been designed to offer attendees a timeline of network evolution from the current networks, all the way to 5G deployment. During the Network Optimization theme, we have selected sessions that will discuss the impact of new technology such as AI, advanced analytics or Machine Learning in the effort to make current networks more adaptable, flexible, self-maintaining and efficient.

The 5G Conference on Thursday will offer a high-level view of what 5G needs to deliver in order to be successful, both from the operator perspective through presentations from CxO representatives from the largest US carriers, but also from the wider industry.
Finally, Friday will focus on the end user. What will be the key use cases for 5G and how will it affect IoT deployments? This will be presented through speakers from not only the telecommunications industry, but also adjacent industries and live demonstrations of 5G capabilities.

Network Analytics, Diagnostics & Service Assurance

Wednesday, September 12th, 1-2:00pm
Cellular networks are expected to be not only constantly available, but functioning perfectly. The highly competitive landscape across many markets in the region, especially the United States, has driven offers for more data, such as zero rated use of video, and a head-to-head on network performance to attract customers. What tools do carriers have to create flawless network experiences? How much can carriers offer to the customer without overloading their networks? Can 100% service assurance ever be accomplished?
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
Grant Castle, Vice President of Engineering Services, T-Mobile
Anand Srinivas, Co-Founder & CTO, Nyansa

Open Networks

Wednesday, September 12th, 2:15-3:00pm
The call for industry-wide open source networks, and the deployment of open source architecture such as SDN and NFV technology is becoming louder. With an ever-increasing demand for data nad the looming reality of 5G, the urgency to upgrade and develop increased network capabilities, whilst maintaining cost and becoming more agile. What role does open-source software have in the networks of tomorrow?
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
Sanjay Aiyagari, Chief Architect, Red Hat
Angela Logothetis, Vice President & Head of CTO, Open Network Division, Amdocs

Automating the Network: AI & Machine Learning

Wednesday, September 12th, 3:15-4:00pm
Applying automated processes and predictive analytics to the network is a vital cost-saving and efficiency-maximizing strategy. Although it is not a new technology, AI is becoming increasingly fundamental in shaping, and virtually re-shaping, networks according to demand and faults.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
Jonathan Davidson, SVP and General Manager, Service Provider Networking, Cisco
Paul Tilghman, Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Jan Karlsson, Vice President, Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson
Ron Marquardt, VP of Technology, Sprint

The Network Edge

Wednesday, September 12th, 4:15-5:00pm
Moving computing power and network capabilities towards the network edge is highly relevant for today’s networks, as well as those of the future. By moving computing power to the edge, networks are able to cache popular data and services, creating efficiencies and driving up performance. During this panel, a line-up of industry experts will debate the role of the edge in expanding network capabilities, dealing with increased traffic and closing not-spots.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
Alicia Abella, VP Advanced Technology Realization, AT&T
Caroline Chan, VP, Network Platforms Group & General Manager, 5G Infrastructure Division, Intel
Bejoy Pankajakshan, CTO, Mavenir

5G – The CTO Session

Thursday, September 13th, 1-2:00pm
The deployment of 5G will be shaped by the business case and the technology proposition put forward by the leaders in the ecosystem. In this high-level session, CxO executives from leading carriers in the region will discuss their vision for 5G, where they see the value-add for this next generation, and share their roadmaps for trials and deployments.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Chris Nicoll, Principal Analyst, Wireless & Mobility, ACG Research
Dr. John Saw, CTO, Sprint
Nicola Palmer, Chief Network Officer, Verizon
Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile
Andre Fuetsch, President AT&T Labs and CTO, AT&T

5G Deployment Models

Thursday, September 13th, 2:15-3:00pm
Given the variety of 5G applications, there will inevitably be different approaches in how 5G is deployed. As the technology gets closer to becoming standardized and available for further trials and early deployments, carriers and the wider ecosystem will have to understand what business models are most attractive for 5G, site sharing options, network sharing and the upgrades necessary to not only hardware, but software within the network. The panel will focus on the challenges and possibilities in deploying 5G networks not only from an architectural perspective, but also considering network economics and the digital service provider business models.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Chris Nicoll, Principal Analyst, Wireless & Mobility, ACG Research
Erik Ekudden, SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson
Steve Papa, CEO, Parallel Wireless
Karri Kuoppamaki, Vice President of Network Technology Development & Strategy, T-Mobile

5G Trials

Thursday, September 13th, 3:15-4:00pm
As 5G technology moves from theory to the field, increasing amounts of data and information are available to the ecosystem. In this session, the entire ecosystem will share their latest trials, lessons learnt and next steps ahead of wider deployment.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Nicoll, Principal Analyst, Wireless & Mobility, ACG Research
Chris Stark, Chief Business Development Officer, North America, Nokia
Alok Shah, VP Strategy, Business Development & Marketing, Samsung Electronics America

5G and Smart City Networks

Thursday, September 13th, 4:15-5:00pm
One of the key applications of 5G is smart city use cases and deployments. Following the successful roll out of municipal broadband in cities and towns such as Chattanooga, the question remains, should cities run their own broadband and wireless networks to run smart services? Smart cities can mean different things to different people. Whether they are concerned about safety, public transportation, open government or other applications, 5G and other networks will have to be malleable enough to provide platforms for these very varied applications. Who will own the backbone of smart city networks?
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Chris Nicoll, Principal Analyst, Wireless & Mobility, ACG Research
Alastair MacLeod, CEO, Teralytics
Mary Clark, CMO, Synchronoss
Mike Zeto, General Manager & Executive Director, Smart Cities, AT&T
Sean Harrington, VP of City Solutions, Verizon

Autonomous Vehicles

Friday, September 14th, 11:00am-12:00pm
Autonomous driving is an inevitability, and innovation is coming from established car manufacturers, new start-ups and companies from across the ecosystem. The Autonomous Vehicles session will focus on the technology necessary to build an entirely autonomous driving experience, from connectivity to imaging, mapping, AI and more.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Omar Hoda, US Automotive Cosulting Principal, Deloitte
Paul Asel, Managing Partner, Nokia Growth Partners
Patrick Little, SVP & GM Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies
Sameep Tandon, CEO & Co-Founder,

From Automotive Manufacturer to Smart Mobility Service Provider

Friday, September 14th, 12:15-1:00pm
Over the past months, the term “cell phone on wheels” has been attributed to the new wave of connected vehicles. However, it is becoming clear that it is much more than that. The surge of new car companies challenging the incumbents, and the revolution in new in-vehicle technology has created a scenario in which automotive OEMs need to reconsider their structure, and become a digital company as well as a manufacturer. The session will focus on this transition, and the importance of collaboration between the cellular and automotive ecosystems to deliver the vehicle of the future.
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Omar Hoda, US Automotive Cosulting Principal, Deloitte
Åsa Tamsons, EVP and Head of Business area Technology & Emerging Business, Ericsson
Laurens Eckelboom, VP, Head of Business, SAP
Dan Cummings, VP Strategic Partnerships, ParkWhiz
Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO, Tantalum

Safety and Security in Intelligent Vehicles

Friday, September 14th, 1:15-2:00pm
Like all IoT applications, securing the vehicle is crucial to its successful deployment. The debate will focus on security infrastructure and strategies for connected vehicles, protecting from outside threats and data generated. Is security front of mind already in the early stages of autonomous and intelligent vehicle development?
Confirmed Speakers:
Moderator: Omar Hoda, US Automotive Cosulting Principal, Deloitte
Kaivan Karimi, SVP, Technology Solutions, BlackBerry
Sandip Ranjhan, SVP, Automotive Strategic Business Unit, Harman