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MWC Topic: Connectivity – The 5G Era

Introduction 2019 has seen the first commercial 5G deployments, with much fanfare. South Korea claims to have more than 2million 5G subscribers on its networks….

Mobile 360 Security for 5G: Security for 5G Predictions 2020

By Mark Little, GSMA Intelligence Going into this year’s M360 ‘Security for 5G’ event we have selected eight 5G security predictions for 2020. On Tuesday…

5G at MWC LA – How excited should we be?

Hallelujah 5G is finally coming!! Do you get excited or just shrug your shoulders?

Security for 5G: What are the new threat vectors and solutions?

As we move towards the 5G era of intelligent connectivity, the threat posed by cyberattacks is increasing as the industry diversifies its services.

Part one of the Ministerial Programme

After years of ‘will they won’t they’, the metro’s decision to finally strike this year was met by collective despondency. With the promise of further…