The Power of the Onstage Demo

As anyone who has sat through a conference will know, it’s great to be engaged by the content through the duration of the conference. This is a huge objective for conference organisers! The Content Team is continually looking for ways to create a more impactful experience for our audiences, and one of the ways we are doing this is to incorporate onstage demos into conference sessions. Onstage demos can help to articulate content and visualise concepts. They can help to tell a story that lingers in the mind. Of course, not all conference topics benefit from demos but there are some topics that truly benefit from an engaging speaker demo’ing an innovative new app or visualising a technology concept. At MWC15, the conference programme included 25 impactful, onstage demos and we’ll be looking to include more exciting demos in our upcoming conference programmes. If you have a demo that you’d like to showcase at one of our conferences we’d love to hear from you (in fact, our MWC16 Call For Papers form has a special section just for that purpose!). If we think the demo will be compelling for our audience and we have a place for it in the programme, we will work with you to make it happen onstage!